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219/365: National Raspberries in Cream Day

What do you get when you combine a classic summer berry with the decadent richness of cream? A berry good dessert, that’s what. August 7 is National Raspberries in Cream Day!

We’ve had a few other “in cream” (or “and cream”) days this year. Like peaches. And strawberries. And like those other times, “in cream” doesn’t mean floating in a pool of cream, as I’d always figured before delving into this food challenge. It means layered with whipped cream, which is actually a relief. I don’t think fruit floating around in cream is particularly appetizing, but hey – to each his/her own. There have been a bunch of raspberry food holidays lately, which makes sense, since the juicy fruit is at its peak from June to mid-August. If you’d like a little raspberry history, click on the link.

I recently turned to you, dear readers, to ask which food you would like celebrated as a national holiday, if given a choice. If your name is Wendy, you jumped all over this question and responded with several foods you’d love to see spotlighted. Wendy is keen for a National Chip and Dip Day, a National Mozzarella Cheese Stick Day, a National Mexican Food Day, and a National Chicken Salad Day. I think those are all excellent choices, and any of them would be a welcome break from the constant parade of desserts we are honoring. My mom suggested National Chicken Paprikas Day, and while you may not be familiar with this dish unless your ancestors hail from Eastern Europe, one bite and you’ll agree with mom: it’s delicious. Too exotic? Tell that to whomever decided we would celebrate National Coq au Vin Day not once, but twice. Or any of the other French, British, Italian, Spanish, Indian, or Irish-themed dishes we have whipped up during this challenge. Thanks for your input, you two.

We took the simple route for today’s celebration. Well, kind of. We did make the whipped cream from scratch, now that we’re veterans of this technique. And just topped a bowl of fresh raspberries with it. Easy, and delicious!

National Raspberries in Cream Day

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213/365: National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

I just might blow raspberries in your direction if you try to skip out on today’s food holiday. August 1 is National Raspberry Cream Pie Day!

Yay. More pie.

But at least we haven’t celebrated anything with raspberries yet. These berries are related to the rose family, and originated in East Asia. They date back to prehistoric times – evidence has been found that Paleolithic cavemen enjoyed the fruit. As it grew in popularity, it came to be associated with fertility. In Greek mythology, legend has it that the berries were once white, but when Zeus’ nursemaid, Ida, pricked her finger on a thorn, the berries were stained red with her blood, and have remained that color ever since. European settlers brought red raspberries to America, where they were crossbred with our native black raspberries. George Washington was so fond of them, he cultivated raspberries at Mount Vernon. They grow throughout the U.S., with my home state of Washington being the nation’s top producer, churning out around 70 million tons per year. Oregon is second. It doesn’t surprise me, as the Pacific Northwest is well known for all sorts of wonderful berries.

I had never heard of raspberry cream pie before. It’s not exactly a common dish, but thanks to the Internet, recipes are easy to find. We decided to try this recipe from The Pioneer Woman because it features a crust made from Oreo cookies. Hello! Only, we didn’t want a whole pie, so we scaled it back by 2/3 and whipped up a mini pie instead. The result? Oh. My. GOODNESS. The Pioneer Woman knows her pies! Really, really good.

National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

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