The Challenge

On January 1, 2013, we embarked upon a year-long quest to celebrate at least one National Food Holiday every day for a year. This wasn’t always easy, as we were frequently traveling or involved in other time-consuming activities (such as getting married!). But we were successful, and have a blog post (and accompanying picture) for every day of the year. We ate and drank everything from Yorkshire Pudding and Irish Coffee to Crab Newburg and Beaujolais Nouveau. For every slice of pie and piece of fruit celebrated, there was something equally exotic – you’d be surprised by the diversity of American food holidays! We ate Coq au Vin and Welsh Rarebit, escargot and caviar, chocolate covered insects and dog biscuits, Hot Buttered Rum and Bloody Marys. Along the way we learned many interesting facts about the foods we were eating and the beverages we were drinking. We even got to converse with the grandchildren of the man who invented Fettuccine Alfredo! It was an amazing experience, and one that we are proud to have undertaken.

The National Food Holiday page links to each completed challenge for easy accessibility. Or you can search by food category. If you’re really bored, just go back to January 1, 2013 and dig in. Which is exactly what we did!

Thinking of taking on this challenge yourself? I posted some tips on the final day of the year that should help you navigate the ups and downs you’ll inevitably encounter over the year. My best advice: plan ahead, be flexible, and have fun. And most of all: good luck!


16 thoughts on “The Challenge

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  2. Momma Tracy

    Rules sound great. And very doable. Nice job!!


  3. This sounds fun!! Challenging, but fun. Have you thought about incorporating a calendar onto the website? I can help you do that, if you want.


  4. esther

    Sounds like fun!!


  5. mom

    Invite me over on January 24th! and Feb !st. But when is Chicken Paprikas Day?


  6. My birthday falls on National Whipped Cream Day (Jan. 5), I shall celebrate both…think Zac will find it fun too LOL


    • Reading between the lines here, I think that sounds like a great way to celebrate whipped cream! It’s neither my nor Tara’s birthday that day, but maybe I can convince her anyway…


  7. I am so offended that my birthday is Turkey Neck Soup Day!! I claim this a food emergency!


    • That one’s going to be tricky. Where are we going to find a turkey neck without roasting a whole turkey first? We’re not, that’s where. So we’re going to have to roast a whole turkey first. Further proof that this challenge is not as easy as it might appear.


  8. Hey Mark – this is kind of weird – I present an afternoon show on community radio in Plymouth UK ( For the last year I’ve been babbling on about American Food Holidays. No real reason, just your typical trivia for an afternoon drivetime show and we have some fun with it. Then today I found your blog. We’re going to talk it up on the show if that’s OK with you. Just random trivia. Where is your head at in even thinking up your challenge anyway? :o)


    • Hi Ian – I’d be honored if you mentioned the blog on your show. I certainly won’t turn down a little international press! Thanks for your interest. As far as thinking this up, it all started as so many stories do: with a doughnut…


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  10. Hello,
    You’ve done a fantastic job on your blog. Thank you for putting a link of my blog on yours.
    I was very interested in you food calendar, it was great fun to look at!


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