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315/365: National Sundae Day

Sundae, bloody sundae. Again. I know you’re supposed to scream for ice cream, but when you’re on your third go-round celebrating the same food holiday, you’re more likely to want to scream in frustration instead. November 11 is National Sundae Day…

It’s not that I don’t enjoy a good ice cream sundae. Of course I do. But I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: there are so many other deserving foods that don’t have their own holiday yet, it seems unfair to simply regurgitate different variations of the same thing. Actually, I think I’m more irritated over the fact that I have nothing new to say, but feel like I’ve got a certain amount of white space to fill before I can hit “publish.” I watch that word count carefully, believe me! And since we’ve already done hot fudge sundaes and strawberry sundaes, well…

…same old dilemma.

Not to mention the fact that sundaes are much more enjoyable in the summer months. Not November. It’s like drinking hot chocolate in July. Who’d want to do that?

But I really shouldn’t complain. We’re entering the home stretch now. And really, I’m bellyaching because we have to eat an ice cream sundae?! Oh, woe is me. First world problems indeed. 🙂

So of course, we made sundaes. And we licked our spoons when we were finished.

National Sundae Day

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214/365: National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

A sandwich with no bread, meat, cheese, or condiments?! Sounds like sacrilege, until you remember the summertime treat that is the centerpiece of today’s food holiday. August 2 is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!

Ice cream sandwiches were first created when advances in freezer technology enabled ice cream to last longer than thirty minutes without melting into a sweet, sticky puddle – sometime in the 18th century. Victorian-era chefs began layering ice cream in between slices of cake and freezing their confection. Ice cream sandwiches and other “novelties” became popular in the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries, when they were a cheap way to beat the heat. According to the Encyclopedia of American Food & Drink, “Ice cream sandwich (slabs of ice cream sandwiched between cakelike cookies)…began appearing in the late 1890s on New York street vendors’ carts. In San Francisco the It’s It ice-cream bar was a similar item made with oatmeal cookie layers.” In 1926, a patent was issued for the Anderson ice cream making machine, no doubt saving countless hours that would otherwise be spent assembling the desserts by hand. Blue Earth, Minnesota claims to be “the birthplace of the ice cream sandwich,” but provides no facts to back up their claim. Sounds like a desperate grab for attention to me.

I love ice cream sandwiches, so this was an easy holiday to celebrate!

National Ice Cream SandwichDay

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