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240/365: National Cherry Turnover Day

No need to toss and turn trying to decide what to eat today. August 28 is National Cherry Turnover Day!

Turnovers are essentially portable pies filled with sweet or savory ingredients. I talked about their history when we had apple turnovers in July, so click the link for a refresher course. Pasties are considered another form of turnover. I’ll remember that the next time I hit a gentleman’s club. Empanadas and spring rolls are also closely related (but not nearly as interesting, as they have nothing to do with strippers).

Cherry turnovers are traditionally made with puff pastry stuffed with a cherry filling and baked until they are golden brown. And, at some point, presumably turned over.

Cutting right to the chase, we grabbed some cherry turnovers from the grocery store. You know how they say Wheaties is “the breakfast of champions”? Wrong. It’s cherry turnovers and coffee. 

National Cherry Turnover Day

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137/365: National Cherry Cobbler Day

When you’re playing the slots, three cherries in a row is a lucky spin. Today’s food of honor requires more than just three cherries, but you’ll feel lucky you get to indulge in such a sweet treat. May 17 is National Cherry Cobbler Day!

We’ve already celebrated one cobbler-themed food holiday this year: April 13 was National Peach Cobbler Day. I already talked about the history of the cobbler then, and its many other fun-to-say-out-loud names (pandowdy, buckle, grunt, slump), so I won’t bother pushing the Deja Vu button again. How about a fun cherry fact instead? The United States grows 370 million pounds of cherries a year. Nearly half of the annual harvest – 175 million pounds, to be exact – is either frozen, canned, or packed into maraschino cherry jars.

Last time, we bought a pricey but very good cobbler from a local supermarket. I couldn’t find a suitable cherry cobbler this time around, but I didn’t search too strenuously, either. I figured I should just make one from scratch this time; I can bake a decent enough pie, and cobbler is like a poor man’s version of pie, anyway. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any fresh cherries – those are probably still a few weeks away yet – so I had to settle for frozen cherries instead. Despite this grievous misfortune, the cobbler still turned out pretty good.

I had to make it the night before, since Tara and I are headed up to Seattle again this weekend. But that just gave us an excuse to indulge in a little cobbler for breakfast. Nothin’ wrong with that! It turned out okay. A little sweet for my tastes, though.

Cherry Cobbler

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