216/365: National Chocolate Chip Day

You’re like a chip off the old block if you appreciate today’s food holiday. August 4 is National Chocolate Chip Day!

At least, I think it is. Don’t you just love discrepancy? I originally had today listed as National Lasagna Day, and while a few websites concur, most showed that on July 29, so we celebrated it then. Which left the “real” food holiday for August 4…umm, a bit of a mystery. Occasionally, we’ll come across a day where consensus is lacking, or there just isn’t a lot of information. Today is like that. But several sources list it as National Chocolate Chip Day, which is good enough for me! (Further confusing matters: May 15 is/was either National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day or National Chocolate Chip Day, depending on whom you believe). Sheesh. Can you pass the Excedrin?20130804_094949

I discussed how chocolate chips were invented in my previous post in May, so we won’t rehash that. The fact is, I’m loathe to rehash anything we have to celebrate twice, but when it comes to chocolate chips, it’s hard to think of making anything else with them but cookies. Still, a quick online search netted some rather unusual chocolate chip recipes. The non-adventurous need not apply.

20130804_100002We were fresh out of crickets, so to celebrate, we decided to make banana bread with chocolate chips. Since Tara did all the work, I’ll let her talk about the recipe…and also her super cool new mixer!

Hi there!  My recipe is there on the left.

As you can tell from all the splatters, this page sees a lot of use.  The recipe is from a Fanny Farmer cookbook that was given to me on my 18th birthday.  The cover is long gone, one corner is chewed up from one of my dogs, there are lots of scrap pieces of paper used for bookmarks, along with quite a few bent corners.

My super cool mixer was purchased yesterday at the local Value Village thrift store.  We had a few items to donate and decided to take a quick look inside.  I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw it and wide-eyedly asked Mark if I should get it.  A little bit of hopeful expectation in my tone of voice.  He said absolutely and suggested I plug it in to make sure it worked.  It did…and does wonderfully.  It’s a Sunbeam Deluxe Mixmaster Mixer, circa 1975, and a steal at $24.99.  I have a feeling this is going to be a staple in our cooking from now on.

National Chocolate Chip Day

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2 thoughts on “216/365: National Chocolate Chip Day

  1. Momma Tracy

    That looks amazing and I’m not surprised since you used your 1975 Sunbeam Deluxe Mixmaster Mixer.


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