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153/365: National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day

You may encounter a rocky road ahead, but trust us – that’s a good thing, at least on June 2. It’s National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day!

Rocky road ice cream traditionally contains chocolate ice cream, marshmallows, and nuts. It was created in 1929 by William Dreyer of Oakland, California. A year earlier, Dreyer had formed an ice cream company with Joseph Edy. One day William, apparently bored out of his mind,  borrowed his wife’s sewing scissors and cut up marshmallows and walnuts, adding them to chocolate ice cream to create a new flavor. There’s no record of his wife’s reaction to his use of her scissors in such a manner, but the flavor was a hit. After the Stock Market Crash in October of that year, Dreyer named the ice cream rocky road “to give folks something to smile about in the midst of the Great Depression.” And smile people did, when they weren’t busy jumping out of high rise buildings and stuff. Eventually, the walnuts were replaced by almonds. Interestingly, in Australia people add jam to their rocky road ice cream, and in the U.K., cherries and raisins are incorporated within.

We kind of, sort of, celebrated rocky road ice cream earlier this year when we used it as a base for Heavenly Hash. But this time, we were able to enjoy a simple bowl of unadulterated rocky road. It’s one of my favorite ice cream flavors, so I had no problem eating a couple of scoops today!

Rocky Road Ice Cream

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33/365: National Heavenly Hash Day

Today is one of the odder food holidays we’ll be celebrating, because there seems to be no general consensus over what, exactly, “heavenly hash” is. It’s described as a sweet confection containing marshmallows, and can refer to candy, ice cream, cake, cookies, brownies, rice pudding, or ambrosia. I even came across a recipe for a heavenly hash martini. So, I guess, pretty much anything involving marshmallows and fruit, then?

At least it’s not Groundhog Day. I mean, it is Groundhog Day, but at least we don’t have to eat groundhog. Although that would be a lot simpler, and it probably tastes like chicken anyway.

So much confusion reigns that one intrepid blogger contacted several ice cream companies to ask them the difference between Heavenly Hash and Rocky Road (which Wikipedia claims are basically the same thing). The responses are amusing (and still somewhat inconclusive). Rocky Road is a mixture of chocolate ice cream, mini marshmallows, and almonds, while Heavenly Hash is a mixture of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, mini marshmallows, and nuts. Since both Edy’s (Dreyer’s on the west coast) and Ben & Jerry’s agree – and because we’re both slightly hung over and thinking too hard hurts – we’re keeping it simple. We bought a pint of Rocky Road, and we still have leftover vanilla ice cream from our Peach Melba challenge last month. We just mixed the two together and created our own Heavenly Hash. If by definition that’s good enough for the Ice Cream Conglomerates, then it’s good enough for us!

I don’t even have a history on Heavenly Hash (though Rocky Road was created during the Great Depression and its name was meant to make people smile. “We’ve got a rocky road ahead of us.” Ha-ha, yeah, that’s a hoot. Said people jumping to their deaths from tall buildings after losing their life savings in the stock market crash). I guess in that regard, Heavenly Hash is an appropriate name, too…

Heavenly Hash

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