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167/365: National Fudge Day

Today is the second of three fudge-themed food holidays this year. Happy National Fudge Day, y’all!

Last month, we celebrated nutty fudge. I shared the history of this happy accident then, so I won’t bore you with the same old story again. I will say that some believe the dessert got its name from the word “fudged” which means doing something wrong, since the first batches were nothing more than toffee that got screwed up during the cooking process. This “mistake” was deemed delicious, and went on sale for 40 cents a pound in Baltimore area grocery stores when it was introduced in 1886. Fudge is similar to Scottish tablet, a confection made with sugar, milk, and butter, and often flavored with vanilla, whiskey, or nuts. Tablet is brittle and grainy, and harder than fudge, though the flavor is similar.

In true deja vu spirit, we still had leftover chocolate nut fudge from the last fudge holiday a little over a month ago. Fudge is one of those things that keeps for ages, so we simply dusted off the old hunk (not literally) and ate that today. It was good on May 12, and still good on June 16!

Nutty Fudge

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