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201/365: National Lollipop Day*

You deserve a licking if you’re not a fan of today’s food holiday. July 20 is National Lollipop Day!

This is also the first post we are scheduling to publish. (Remember, we write the majority of these ahead of time)! We’ve gotta do it this way since we’re camping this weekend and ¬†Internet service is hard to come by in the wilderness. Besides, we’re too busy making S’mores and keeping raccoons away from our food in order to worry about blog posts this weekend, so we’re happy to let Technology do her thing.

Yes, technology is a she, in case you were wondering.

It’s also National Fortune Cookie Day, but Confucius say no lookie for cookie in middle of forest. So, lollipops it is!

A man named George Smith, owner of the Bradley Smith Company – who manufactured candy and other sweet confections – claimed to have invented the modern lollipop in 1908, putting candy on a stick to make it easier to eat. He named the treat after his favorite racehorse, Lolly Pop, and trademarked the name. But lollipops have probably been around in one form or another for as long as man has roamed the earth. Prehistoric dudes are believed to have scooped honey from beehives using sticks, and licking them so as not to let any of the sweet nectar go to waste. Archaeologists have found evidence that ancient Chinese, Arabs, and Egyptians all made candied fruit and nut concoctions that were served on a stick to make them easier to eat. In the 17th century the English enjoyed soft boiled sugar candies that they placed on sticks for easier eating. Though the candy wasn’t hard, the concept is pretty much the same. During the Civil War children were given hard candies on the tips of pencils as treats. So at best, Smith reinvented something that had been around since the dawn of man. Nice try, George. He allowed his trademark to expire during the Depression, when people were too busy trying to put scraps of food on the table to enjoy a treat like a lollipop, and the name fell into the public domain.

To celebrate, we bought a bag of Dum Dums and enjoyed lollipops around the campfire.

National Lollipop Day

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87/365: National Something on a Stick Day*

Today is one of the weirder food holidays we’ve celebrated. It also gives us a lot of freedom. It’s National Something on a Stick Day.

That “something” really translates to “anything you can spear.” Some of the obvious choices include corn dogs, lollipops, shish kebabs, and Popsicles. But really, if you can poke a stick in it and eat it that way, you’re golden. We thought about doing something really difficult – spaghetti on a stick perhaps, or to really make it tough, soup on a stick. But in the end, we settled for something simpler.

It is also, I should point out, National Black Forest Cake Day. As delicious as that sounded, tomorrow is dedicated to lemon chiffon cake, and we weren’t in the mood for back-to-back cakes.


People have been eating food on sticks for as long as fire has existed. Big, meaty hunks of mastadon have given way to hot dogs and marshmallows over the centuries, but there are few things more appealing than cooking your own food over an open fire in the great outdoors, and then wolfing it down without any namby-pamby utensils. The protocol is simple: hold food over fire, cook until black on the outside and cold in the middle, take a bite and burn the roof of your mouth, blow on it a little, wait a minute, take another bite. And be sure to wipe your fingers on your pants afterwards. Napkins? We don’t need no stinkin’ napkins! There’s a great and humorous look at the history of food on a stick here. I’d never heard of Uncyclopedia before, but it had me laughing. It’s like Wikipedia-meets-The-Onion.

Tara and I met up for lunch at New Season’s, a grocery store known for their free food samples – many of which are available to nosh on using toothpicks. A-ha! Sure enough, we found cheese samples to impale. Later on, we had dinner at my parents’ house, and because they support this blog, my mom made sure to serve something on a stick herself. In this case, lollipops. Thanks for your support, guys!

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