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238/365: National Cherry Popsicle Day

We’re going to stick with the frozen dessert theme today. August 26 is National Cherry Popsicle Day!

I’m surprised by how many different Popsicle holidays we have celebrated this year. We’ve already honored grape, today is cherry, and coming up we’ve got blueberry. Plus, there were creamsicles, a brand of Popsicle. I think one holiday for this frozen treat would have been sufficient, but as I’ve said before, we didn’t make the rules – all we can do is follow them to the best of our ability. Of course, when there are different variations on the same food, the interesting stories behind the creation of those foods have already been told, as is the case here: I discussed the history of the Popsicle back in May, which leaves me scrambling for words to fill this blank page today.National Cherry Popsicle Day

I will say I researched the most popular Popsicle flavors, and found that cherry is #1. Additional flavors have included orange, grape, banana, root beer, and lemon lime. Then there are the “Jolly Rancher” flavors, the “tropical” flavors…

About the only flavor there isn’t is blueberry. Ironic, considering one week from today we’re celebrating that food holiday. How will we pull it off, if blueberry Popsicles don’t exist?! Stay tuned to find out, folks.

Fortunately, cherry Popsicles do exist. So we picked some up from the grocery store and celebrated by licking them ’til they were gone.

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