We’re Adding Reviews!

I’ll be the first to admit, this blog has suffered from neglect in 2014. Once January 1st rolled around and our daily food challenge was complete, we struggled to find a new groove. We had – still have – ideas for new food challenges, but without a calendar forcing them upon us, motivation has been lacking. I was all set to start my campaign to get a national food holiday declared for ketchup, but then found out a day devoted to ketchup was added last year, on June 5. Somehow, we completely missed the news. Which raised the inevitable question: now what? Eat My Words is still getting a lot of hits; that’s the beauty with food holidays that reoccur every year. But we want new content. After all, this was such a big part of our lives for 365 days, we can’t just toss it aside like yesterday’s trash.

Today, inspiration struck. And it’s such a simple solution, I’m surprised we didn’t think of it earlier: we’re going to start adding food reviews!

This is the type of food item we'll be reviewing.

This is the type of food item we’ll be reviewing.

We’ll primarily focus on new items, like the latest sandwich from Subway or the newest flavor of Oreos. I don’t foresee actual restaurant reviews, since they’re too local. I’d like to stick with items that most readers will be able to find in their own hometown. Our inaugural review will focus on Arby’s wildly popular limited-time-only Smokehouse Brisket sandwich. Hint: it’s a winner! restaurant_review-5-stars

Because there are hundreds of food review websites out there, we want to differentiate ourselves from the pack a little. To do so, we’re going to incorporate a fun rating system that’s unique: instead of letter grades or stars, we’ll rate products with knives. The idea is, the more knives we’d be willing to use to theoretically consume each product, the better it is. Hence, a 1-knife review is something we didn’t care for (why waste time sharpening the blade?) and a 5-knife review is worthy of the time it would take to finely hone each blade and then wash it by hand. You get the point. 1 knife = bad. 5 knives = excellent. And everything in between varies.

Got it? Good. Now let’s do some reviews!



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