323/365: National Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day

If you’ve got a bubbly personality, today’s food holiday was custom made for you. November 19 is National Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day!

It’s another one of those oddly specific holidays with a fun name that you just can’t help but chuckle over. Maybe it’s a clever way of getting around using the Coke name, but then again, we already have celebrated National Have a Coke Day, so I’m doubtful about that theory. Plenty of carbonated beverages other than Coca-Cola contain caffeine, so it’s not like our options are limited by this holiday.

National Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day

National Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day

I mentioned before, upon starting this challenge earlier in the year, that we found a few other bloggers who had attempted the feat in the past. Occasionally I would turn to them for inspiration or reference. I’ve mentioned John, whom I labeled our East Coast Food Correspondent, several times; he has given us lots of great advice based on his own participation in a similar challenge, and his wisdom has been invaluable. Another blog with a similar theme is National Food Days in New York City, whose twist on this challenge (completed last year) involved relying on New York City restaurants for the food/beverage holiday du jour. That’s got to be an expensive and time-consuming proposition, much more so than ours! I mention them because I like what they did with today’s challenge. They found a Manhattan Special – an espresso coffee soda made in Brooklyn. Best of all, their drink dates back to 1895. Suddenly, popping open a Coke sounds boring…

…but popping open a Coke is what we did. Because when it comes to carbonated beverages with caffeine, sometimes you’ve just got to stick with what’s best. Right, dear? Coke is It, wouldn’t you agree?

I’ll take your silence as an implicit YES.

(Can you tell we have an ongoing Coke v. Pepsi feud)?

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3 thoughts on “323/365: National Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day

  1. Momma Tracy

    Pepsi, yes. Coke, no.

    I’m with ‘dear’ on this one.


    • I already knew you were. All I can say is, I’m sorry. Coke is It. It’s the real thing. It makes me want to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.


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