300/365: National American Beer Day/National Potato Day*

October 27th marks our 300th food challenge of the year. It’s National American Beer Day! And also, National Potato Day. We’re on the road and enjoying our first-ever NFL game: Redskins vs. our beloved Broncos here in Denver. Fortunately, stadiums are synonymous with beer, and since we spent most of today at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium, were easily able to celebrate both food holidays (potato wedges and Bud Light). Think of this as a two-touchdown performance in the 4th quarter. Speaking of…what a great game! 45-21, Broncos beat the Redskins handily. Go, Peyton!! National American Beer Day

We have already celebrated beer and potato holidays, so I won’t bore you with regurgitated history lessons. Instead, I promised a big announcement, and I wanted to save it for a special day. Challenge #300 certainly qualifies; we are racing toward the finish line now, with barely over two months to go, and nary a misstep. The food challenge has been time consuming, costly, and has required tons of planning and hard work, but it’s also been a lot of fun! We have learned a lot about the history of many popular dishes, and tried plenty of new ones we’d only ever heard of previously. Part of us will be sad when this all ends. Which leads to our announcement:

Eat My Words will continue beyond December 31st! 

Not in the same form, of course. Assuming we successfully complete our quest to consume a year’s worth of food holidays, we’re not going to turn around and do it all over again. Been there, done that, and we’d be dealing with an awful lot of repetition. Plus, the demands of a daily blog are overwhelming. The fact that we have been able to devote so much time to our challenge in a year that included a marriage, three-day work function, and multiple weekend trips is pretty amazing…but we wouldn’t want to do it again. It’s taken a ton of effort, not to mention a little bit of luck. I’m glad we took this on, but man, never again!

However, there is plenty more we can do, at a much more relaxing pace. Read: whenever we want, rather than on a daily basis. The theme of our blog will still revolve around food challenges, and we’ve got a lot of fun ones planned. Some of our ideas include:

  • Making a meal using only yellow foods.
  • Creating upscale versions of kid’s food (Spaghetti-Os, Sloppy Joes).
  • Cooking a retro meal from a 1950s-era cookbook.
  • Making a complete meal using ingredients that start with the letter R.
  • Cooking a Dinner From Hell, using foods we despise.
  • Making a meal using only ingredients sourced from the farmer’s market that day.

We also envision more head-to-head challenges (like our souffle battles) and, yes, we’ll celebrate the occasional food holiday – ones that we passed on the first time around when there were multiple choices, and others that we just really enjoyed. We have lots of great ideas, and will be turning to our readers for even more. Our blog will be more interactive than ever before!

So, there you have it! Eat My Words will be back in 2014 with new challenges, new food facts, and new fun. A scaled-down version that won’t clog your In Box with emails every single day. It’s a win/win, folks!

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10 thoughts on “300/365: National American Beer Day/National Potato Day*

  1. Momma Tracy

    Oh heck yeah!! 2014 is going to be spectacular!!

    Congrats on 300! Quite the accomplishment already!!


  2. mom

    Mark—-drinking a bud lite??????


  3. Ummmm… you were in Denver..home of the Coors Brewery and you drank a BUD LIGHT???!!! For Shame.


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  5. I want to be in a head to head battle!


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