289/365: National Liqueur Day*

I cordial-ly invite you to embrace the spirit of today’s food holiday and raise a toast to October 16. It’s National Liqueur Day!

It’s also World Food Day, a holiday celebrated around the world to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Administration on this date in 1945. More than 150 countries participate in order to raise awareness of poverty and hunger. Since 1981, it has adopted a different theme every year, used to highlight areas where action is needed, and to provide a common focus. Themes over the years have included Food Security (1983), Trees For Life (1991), and Youth Against Hunger (1999). This year’s theme is Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition. Eat My Words is doing its part by mentioning this important global movement, and encouraging you to learn more by visiting this website.

Of course, this is a blog devoted to food holidays, so we’d be miss in not also taking the time to celebrate National Liqueur Day. Many people confuse liquor and liqueur; while both are alcoholic beverages, liqueurs are sweetened and infused with various flavors. Making liqueur is a four-step process that involves:

  • Distillation: The flavoring ingredients and the spirit are blended and distilled;
  • Infusion: Hot water is infused with the flavoring items and mixed with the alcohol;
  • Maceration: The seasoning ingredients are dropped directly into the alcohol, to infuse it with additional flavor;
  • Percolation: Alcohol gets passed directly through the flavoring agents in order to take on their essential flavor.

There are four categories of liqueurs: generic liqueurs (such as triple sec); proprietary liqueurs, made from secret recipes by specific manufacturers (e.g. Peach Schnapps); cream liqueurs, homogenized with cream; and creme liqueurs, which are thick and syrupy.

I have to admit, we weren’t real original tonight. We made margaritas with Grand Marnier – an orange and cognac liqueur. Which is exactly how we celebrated National Grand Marnier Day earlier in the year. But we had plenty leftover, and we were making tacos anyway, so it made sense. They were just as tasty this time, too!

National Liqueur Day

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9 thoughts on “289/365: National Liqueur Day*

  1. Reblogged this on muscleheaded and commented:
    I’m sure this holiday includes Absinthe. And, even if it doesn’t , have some anyway. Cheers !!!


  2. Cord-ially…haha,,….


  3. Momma Tracy

    Does having them in regular glasses make it more of a Liqueur Day?


    • Nah, it’s more like we were too lazy to drag out the “good” glasses, and we only wanted the one drink each. We MUST be recovering from our colds!


  4. Momma Tracy

    I wish there was a like button on the comments!!

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