223/365: National Raspberry Tart Day

Hope you aren’t soured on desserts that take advantage of fresh fruit just yet. August 11 is National Raspberry Tart Day!

It should be noted that we are celebrating dessert tarts, not women with loose sexual morals. Were that the case, this would be a different blog entirely.

Tarts are flaky, crispy pastries usually consisting of a shortbread-like crust with a creamy filling and fresh fruit topping. Derived from the French word tarte, these confections resembles pies (though they have an open top) and date back to the Middle Ages, where they were typically savory and filled with meat. Not surprising: wearing a suit of armor all day long really makes a man work up an appetite. Nowadays very few people joust or rescue maidens from castles, so tarts are more likely to be sweet and served for dessert. Miniature tarts are called tartlets. Miniature turtles, on the other hand, are not called “turtle-lets,” but they should be. Tarts are related to flan, crostata, and quiche.

Raspberry season is rapidly winding down, and fresh berries are getting harder to find. Fortunately, we found some miniature tarts in the Fred Meyer bakery. Talk about a one-bite delight! They cost 79 cents each, were the perfect portion size, and tasted delicious!

National Raspberry Tart Day

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10 thoughts on “223/365: National Raspberry Tart Day

  1. Leigh

    “Miniature turtles, on the other hand, are not called “turtle-lets,” but they should be. ” Now this just makes me happy. . .


  2. They look like boobies!


  3. Looks amazing! Great post!


  4. Momma Tracy

    Ummmm…..Tara’s reply caused my mind to go blank…LOL


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