212/365: National Jump For Jelly Beans Day*

It’s a real leap to say today’s food holiday won’t put a spring in  your step. The last day of July is National Jump For Jelly Beans Day!

I took this challenge literally.

I took this challenge literally.

It’s also National Raspberry Cake Day (which sounds interesting, but tomorrow we’re celebrating raspberry pie). Now, we’ve already done the jellybean thing), so this is yet another food that is celebrated multiple times. I suppose purists would argue that last time around we weren’t incorporating aerobic exercise in our celebration so this one is different, but c’mon…if it were up to me, we’d be celebrating something else that gets no official glory. Like ketchup, as I’ve mentioned many times. Or stuffed cabbage rolls. Or corn on the cob.

So I’m turning to you, dear readers, and asking you this: if you could create your own food holiday, to which dish would you pay homage?

To celebrate, we ate jelly beans. And we jumped. Doesn’t get more basic than that, does it? But not just any old jelly beans. Bacon flavored jelly beans, ’cause that’s how we roll.

They were awful. 

Fortunately, we had backups available. We’d gotten a sour fruit mix of Jelly Bellies, and those were our saving grace. Tart, chewy, and delicious. There’s a reason Jelly Belly is the top-selling jelly bean in America!

In case you were wondering, bacon flavored jelly beans are NO BUENO.

In case you were wondering, bacon flavored jelly beans are NO BUENO.


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6 thoughts on “212/365: National Jump For Jelly Beans Day*

  1. I think I would have a chip dip day and a mozzarella cheese stick day! Oh, and a Mexican food day!!!!!!


    • Good choices! I especially like your mozzarella cheese stick day. Next time I write to my Congressman, I’ll see if he can get it passed into law.


  2. mom

    I vote for chicken paprikas day-but you knew I would say that.


  3. Momma Tracy

    I think a National Peanut Butter Sacrifice Day is in order.


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