198/365: National Peach Ice Cream Day

Today’s holiday will leave you feeling peachy keen! July 17 is National Peach Ice Cream Day.

We’ve already celebrated a ton of ice cream-inspired holidays, it seems – and there are more to come. If you haven’t been following our blog religiously (gasp!) and are curious about the history of ice cream, click on the preceding link. Instead, I’ll talk about…umm…

What in the heck am I going to talk about?!

Peach ice cream has long been my mom’s favorite flavor, so there’s that. I’m partial to good ol’ vanilla, which is the most popular flavor in America, while Tara is chock full of love for chocolate. Basically, anything by Tillamook – an Oregon-based creamery that makes a variety of delicious dairy items including cheese, yogurt, milk, and sour cream – is top-notch. Tillamook’s cheese factory – conveniently located in the town of Tillamook, on the Oregon coast – is a fun place to visit, and a popular tourist draw. We get out that way once a year or so, and their onsite ice cream parlor is one of the main reasons why.

Now that I’ve given both Tillamook and my mom shout-outs, I guess we can get down to the business at hand. Peach ice cream, that is. Turns out peach ice cream is difficult to find. But once we went on the road again and pulled into the Fred Meyer parking lot, we found a container of Ben & Jerry’s Willie Nelson’s Country Peach Cobbler ice cream. Which was really, really good, I might add.

National Peach Ice Cream Day


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4 thoughts on “198/365: National Peach Ice Cream Day

  1. mom

    Thanks for the shout out.I love peach ice cream-Tillamook used to make it a few years ago but no longer.Too bad. But then I like anything peach as evidenced by the walls in our house.


  2. Thanks for including me!


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