179/365: National Tapioca Day

We’re going back to our roots to celebrate today’s food holiday. June 28 is National Tapioca Day!

Tapioca is a starch that comes from the cassava, or manioc, root, a plant native to South America. Spanish and Portugese explorers exported it to the West Indies, and it quickly spread to other tropical and subtropical regions. It’s a major source of carbohydrates and an important food source for half a billion people worldwide.

Odds are, when you think of tapioca, you think of tapioca pudding. I know there are other culinary uses for tapioca – I’ve used it in a beef stew recipe once – but  really, it works best in pudding. So, pudding it is!

I have always been fond of tapioca pudding. Tara had never actually tried it until last year, and though she was skeptical, ended up liking it quite a bit herself. Ours tonight was nothing fancy – pudding cups again – but pretty good, nonetheless!

National Tapioca Day

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5 thoughts on “179/365: National Tapioca Day

  1. Momma Tracy

    My Dad was a huge fan of tapioca pudding and my step-mother used to make it from scratch…well…she had to cook it on the stove anyway. I could have sworn Tara used to eat it when she was younger but the old memory seems to fade now and then…lol


    • I asked Tara about this and she doesn’t specifically remember eating tapioca, but admits she could have and just forgotten about it.


      • Momma Tracy

        BTW…you do have a tapioca pudding day coming up….


      • Yeah, I realized that about a week ago. Oops. Should have had some bubble tea or something else with tapioca in it.


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