164/365: National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

I almost stumbled and fell when I saw today’s unusual food holiday. June 13 is Kitchen Klutzes of America Day!

Alrighty, then…

(Still no National Ketchup Day, by the way. What a waste of a food holiday. But I’ll play along).

Kitchen Klutzes of America is dedicated to anybody who has ever made a fool of themselves in the kitchen. Maybe they’ve accidentally substituted salt for sugar, or used the wrong measurements in a recipe. Maybe they burned the bread, spilled the soup, or poached when they should have sauteed. This probably applies to pretty much everybody. In fact, if you’ve got an interesting Kitchen Klutz story to share, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section. The best responses will be shared in a future post.

Not very long ago, Tara accidentally used cinnamon instead of chili powder when cooking taco meat. Fortunately, she caught her error before dinner was served. This necessitated an emergency trip to the grocery store, but that was better than eating sweet tacos. As for myself, I once turned on a blender full of tomatoes without securing the lid. Months later, spots of tomato sauce still dotted the ceiling. Oops. Those stories pale in comparison to my uncle, who once chopped jalapenos and then scratched an itch in a delicate place without properly washing his hands. Let’s just say that was fodder for quite a few jokes, and brought new meaning to the phrase “great balls of fire.”

See? We’ve all got stories. Share yours…please!


In keeping with the spirit of this weird food holiday, we decided to avoid the kitchen altogether. We made grilled pizza instead. Which, if you’ve never tried it, is surprisingly easy – and delicious.

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5 thoughts on “164/365: National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

  1. mom

    One New Years Day I was opening a canned ham (back in the day when the cans were made of metal and you used a key to open it) and I ended up in the emergency room getting 9 stitches in my finger!


  2. MissDee

    My family tells a story about the first time I made meatloaf for them, when I was in junior high. Instead of using a teaspoon of pepper (or something), I used a tablespoon, and the resulting meatloaf was too hot and spicy for my bland family’s tongues. However, the next evening, Mom rescued my by crumbling my meatloaf up into the spaghetti sauce; my too-spicy meatloaf made a fabulous pasta sauce.
    While I’ve never made a mistake like this again, they still remind me of it, every time I cook.


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