15/365: National Strawberry Ice Cream Day

Here’s the latest scoop: today is National Strawberry Ice Cream Day!

Ha. Get it? Scoop? I kill myself.

Ice cream has been around for a very long time. As far back as 3000 B.C., the Chinese served a mixture of snow or ice and juice to their guests. People in the Persian Empire were so enamored with the frozen treat (theirs contained grape juice concentrate poured over a bowl of snow), in the summertime they would trek to the highest snow-covered peaks to bring back baskets of snow. The phrase “don’t eat the yellow snow” became popular after one poor sap mistakenly tried what he believed to be a lemon sorbet, even though sorbets had yet to be invented.

Nowadays, ice cream is a worldwide favorite, and is made with milk and cream instead of snow. Which is a relief, given the whole global warming thing. I’d hate to see ice cream go the way of the dodo bird. Vanilla and chocolate are the most popular flavors, and strawberry is a distant third, with 5.3% of the vote.

There is a very interesting link between strawberry ice cream and aliens. In 1988, a prime-time special on alien conspiracies aired; during this broadcast, two high-level informants said the government had retrieved a crashed UFO, and that the alien on board was fond of strawberry ice cream.

The natural inclination is to assume these guys are crackpots. BUT. I know a guy who used to work at Area 51. True story. He wouldn’t tell me much about it, but did say that the base cafeteria had a wide variety of ice cream flavors available. Makes sense, considering Area 51 is located in the Nevada desert. Anyway, he insisted they always ran out of strawberry ice cream. {Cue dramatic music}. Whether this was because a captive alien had a jones for the stuff is anybody’s guess – when I pressed him on whether they actually harbor aliens there, he got rather cagey and started throwing out words like “top” and “secret” – but it makes for an interesting story nonetheless.

Hey, one bite counts!

Hey, one bite counts!

ET may like strawberry ice cream, but neither Tara nor I are particularly fond of it. We weren’t looking forward to eating a bowl of the stuff, but then we remembered our official rules stipulate we must merely try a single bite of the celebrated food du jour. Why not just walk into Baskin-Robbins and ask for a taste of their strawberry ice cream? We did, and they were more than happy to scoop some up on a tiny plastic pink spoon and pass it over the counter.

The proprietor looked at us oddly when I started taking pics, and I was ready to mumble my “we’re doing a project” excuse, but he never asked. Just in case, we bought a couple of pints of non-strawberry ice cream in order to appease him.

We’re nothing if not polite.

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7 thoughts on “15/365: National Strawberry Ice Cream Day

  1. Momma Tracy

    You coulda just thrown out words like “Project”, “Eat-My-Words”, “Blog”, “Scoop”….bwahahaha!

    Seriously? Neither of you like Strawberry Ice Cream? It’s really good with those fake white chocolate chips….just sayin’.


    • That’s true. I was fretting over what we would say if “caught” but your daughter said something along the lines of “f&*k them…it’s none of their business.” You gotta love her!


  2. Momma Tracy

    Oh yeah….let us not forget Frank Zappa and his yellow snow song….classic!!


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